Improve outbound connectivity with Azure Virtual Network NAT

Improve outbound connectivity with Azure Virtual Network NAT For many customers, making outbound connections to the internet from their virtual networks is a fundamental requirement of their Azure solution architectures. Factors such as security, resiliency, and scalability are important to consider when designing how outbound connectivity will work for a given architecture. Luckily, Azure […]

Learn what’s new in Azure Firewall

Learn what’s new in Azure Firewall This post was co-authored by Suren Jamiyanaa, Program Manager 2, Azure Networking. We continue to be amazed by the adoption, interest, positive feedback, and the breadth of use cases customers are finding for our service. Today, we are happy to share several key Azure Firewall capabilities as well […]

Create Azure VNET, Subnet and NSG With Terraform

Create Azure VNET, Subnet and NSG With Terraform This Terraform configuration code will show how to create a Virtual Network (VNET), Subnet and a Network Security Group (NSG) with Terraform. Terraform Configuration The following configuration creates the following: Resource Group in the west us region Network Security Group (NSG) with port 22 Virtual Network […]

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2022

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2022 Welcome to the June edition of “What’s New in Microsoft Teams”. We continue to move into the world of hybrid. Meetings, chats, and collaborative experiences need to be as inclusive and connected as possible. This month, we focus on the meeting “co-organizer role” and the positive […]

Announcing Public Folder Migration Scripts with Modern Authentication Support

Announcing Public Folder Migration Scripts with Modern Authentication Support We are excited to announce that we have updated the following scripts for migrating public folders from Exchange Server to Exchange Online to support Modern authentication. Script name When to use Download location AddMembersToGroups.ps1 Public folder to Microsoft 365 Group migration LockAndSavePublicFolderProperties.ps1 UnlockAndRestorePublicFolderProperties.ps1 Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1 […]

Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting

Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting Hello Folks, If you’ve had to manage the backup\restore processes for your environment, you know how important keeping up with the status of said process.  No one wants to end up having to recover a VM from an incomplete/failed backup. To address this, the Azure Backup product Team have […]

Getting to know Azure Arc

Getting to know Azure Arc **I do want to state of course I’m an employee of Microsoft but links to any books or courses as part of my learning experience, I am not affiliated with.  I don’t have affiliate links I’m just sharing what I found useful starting out**   Majority of Users Have […]