Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – What’s Next

Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – What’s Next Last month we turned off Basic auth in Exchange Online for many customers. We’ve protected millions of users from the risks associated with using this legacy form of authentication to access their data. We want to thank you, too, for all the hard work you’ve […]

Blocking Screen capture

Blocking Screen capture 5/5 – (2 votes) Earlier today, a customer asked me how to block screen capture on Windows 10/11 devices.  Turns out, there are a few things we can do in the box. Here we go! Disclaimer: This post discusses modifying the Windows Registry.… [ Continue reading ] exchange via Undocumented Features […]

Removing Your Last Exchange Server FAQ

Removing Your Last Exchange Server FAQ In April, we released an update to the Management tools in Exchange Server 2019 that enables organizations that use Azure AD Connect and sync their Active Directory to manage Exchange recipients without the need for a running Exchange Server. If you have one or more Exchange servers used […]