Protect Office365 and Windows365 with Azure Firewall

Protect Office365 and Windows365 with Azure Firewall Written by Yuval Perry (Azure Firewall Product Manager)   Office 365 customers are looking for the best cloud connectivity experience at scale to achieve end-to-end connectivity through the most optimized route possible. Traffic from the organization’s network to the required Office 365 endpoints should be managed and […]

Azure Firewall NAT Behaviors

Azure Firewall NAT Behaviors Introduction The Azure Firewall is a cloud-native and intelligent network firewall security service that can be integrated into many different use cases. It’s a fully stateful firewall as a service with built-in high availability and unrestricted cloud scalability that provides both east-west and north-south traffic inspection. Depending on how traffic […]

Journaling in Hybrid Scenarios

Journaling in Hybrid Scenarios Journaling in Exchange Server or Exchange Online can help your organization respond to legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements by recording all or targeted email messages.  To know more about how to configure and manage journaling in Exchange Online, see Journaling in Exchange Online. For more information about journaling in […]