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This repo includes numerous references for Azure learning, especially for the Azure Certs, Azure Architecture, and any other learning materials e.g. Security topics.







Spotlight is the section where amazing or new references are highlighted that you should have a look at.


  • Please contribute to make this list really awesome, exhaustive, and help us to keep it up to date.
  • Contributing to this list is simple: the preferred approach is raising a pull request to this repo or at least opening up an issue. Reach out to me directly when in doubt or hitting any challenges.
  • Please provide details as required by that section. Links, author names, date published, which certification(s) does it apply to, etc.
  • For book links, try to use localization agnostic links. When in doubt, please commit your link, and it will be exchanged if necessary.
  • Share! Share this link and share your knowledge. I will be happy to add a reference to your future articles to the list as well.

Code of Conduct

The intention of this repository is not to easily pass exams and gain certifications without any efforts. The intention is to learn and become better in the desired areas and to gain certifications as milestones as part of your journey to reach your mid-term and long-term goals. They should be the motivations for you to work and learn hard.

Therefore, I don´t tolerate any brain dumps in this repo. And trust me – you will be not interested in cheating for certifications as well. If you have been playing some games and made use of cheats, you will be familiar with the experience that shortly after you have lost all the interest and fun. The same will happen in your professional life. Plus, you will quickly forget everything you have learned for the exams.

And another recommendation is to keep your humbleness, no matter how good you will become. Measure yourself with yourself and try to become better every day. You will never reach a time where you can accept to stop learning, as there will always be something new.


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